Saturday, November 11, 2006

EAOP Grad Writes Series on Winning Support for Your Cause

I just wanted to let folks know about a useful series on strategic communications for environmental advocacy groups written by Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program graduate Peter Alexander, who now directs The Biodiversity Project. The series is published on the GrantStation.Com website. Here is the text of GrantStation's announcement of this series of articles:
How to Build Support for Your Cause: A Strategic Communications Primer is a ten-part series by Peter Alexander, Executive Director of the Biodiversity Project. Since 1995, the Biodiversity Project has helped hundreds of organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada develop strategic communications campaigns to raise public awareness, concern, and actions to protect vital natural resources. This series can help ensure that your organization’s valuable resources are used most efficiently and effectively to further your mission. The series is adapted from a “communications primer” created by Biodiversity Project staff for groups working on Great Lakes issues. A more in-depth online version, along with other communication strategy resources, can be found at the Project’s Communications Toolbox.
While you are at it, you may want to check out the rest of GrantStation.Com's website, because it has lots of useful material about fundraising for advocacy groups and other nonprofit organizations. I've only started exploring this site, but it looks very helpful.


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