Monday, August 07, 2006

Resources for Radio Activists

In the first piece I ever posted on this blog, I talked about some of the Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program's radio activism. For us, it all began when Ellen Hayes, one of our student organizers, persuaded a local college station to affiliate with the Pacifica Radio Network and then organized a volunteer committee to broadcast 15 hours of Pacifica programs each week. In my earlier post, I assured readers that in my very "next post" I would provide a list of "some alternative community radio resources in case this type of media activism might appeal to you or someone you know." Well, life got in the way and several other posts were published next, but here--at long last--is the comprehensive radio activism resource list that I promised several posts back.

Great Books on Radio Activism

First, click here for some good books on the history, rationale, and how-to-skills involved in working on progressive community radio projects, including webradio and podcasts.

Great Radio Programs

Second, here is a list of radio programs that folks in the EAOP work hard to play on our local community station every week:

Democracy Now!
Between the Lines
Voices of Our World
Earth Beat Radio
Radio Nation
Alternative Radio
This Way Out
Guns and Butter
Unwelcome Guests
Expert Witness
World of Possibilities
Making Contact

A Great Radio Network

Next is a list of good links to the Pacifica Radio Network, the little network that could. Pacifica has been broadcasting alternative, noncommercial, radio programs since 1949, when they started with one station in Berkely, California. Today, they now have close to 100 affiliated stations across the country. They offer numerous resources to local radio activists.

Basic Pacifica Network Info
How To Affiliate
Affiliates Program History
Affiliated Stations List
Network Governance Info
KU Satalite Schedule
KU Program Descriptions
KU Satalite FAQs
Pacifica AudioPort
AudioPort Manual
Network Contacts
Pacifica Radio Archives
Pacifica Foundation

Other Great Radio Resources

Finally, here is a list other good resources on radio/media activism and the potential for creating a more diverse, progressive, democratic, locally-controlled, but nationally supported, alternative and community radio system in the this country and beyond.

Public Radio News and Views From Currents
Inter-Collegiate Broadcasting System
National Federation of Community Boradcasters
Prometheus Radio Project
Grassroots Radio Coalition
Air America
National Public Radio
Media Education Foundation
Media Access Project
Americans for Radio Diversity
Alliance for Community Media
Free Press
Federal Communications Commission

I hope this information helps you all get a handle on how you too could get started in democratic community radio activism. We would very much like our students' Advocacy Clinic project experience to be helpful to an even wider group of people.


At 6:17 AM, Blogger Shel Horowitz, author, Principled Profit said...

Steve, thanks for this. Next month will mark a year that I've been doing "Principled Profit: The Good Business Radio show" over Valley Free Radio in Northampton, MA--a way of getting progressive ideas out in a form that I hope will be accessible to mainstream, non-activist folks.As an example, I had Dean Cycon of Dean's Beans talking about the difference between his 100% organic fair trade coffee and Starbucks or Green Mountain. I hope at some point to take this show national.

Shel Horowitz, award-winning author/activist
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At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Randy Schutt said...

The group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) produces a great show called "CounterSpin":


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