Wednesday, October 11, 2006

David vs. Goliath? -- EAOP vs. NAM?

Who knew that the Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program's "The Well-Trained Activist" blog would show up as a link on the website of the National Association of Manufacturers? But, this week it did. NAM, one of the largest corporate lobbying/PR organizations in America, linked to the new EAOP blog as one of many examples of crazy propagandists and Joe McCarthy-like demagogues who urge sustainable reforms in how we organize and conduct our economic and political lives to address the "fake" problem of global warming.

Their long, hyper-linked, article was written by Bob Carter, an Australian scientist opposed to the growing international scientific consensus on global warming. NAM's web article is entitled "McCarthyism, Press Bias, Policy-Advice Corruption, and Propaganda Everywhere." The article is actually a good example of the sophisticated kinds of PR efforts often used by high powered, corporate-backed, global climate change deniers. I think it makes for an interesting read.

I'm strangely honored to have the National Association of Manufacturers link to the EAOP blog as a thorn in their side. I'm just glad that there are still some high-road, socially-responsible businesses and executives in this world who take the problem of global warming seriously and are doing what they can for global climate stabilization.

However, it is very clear from this article that environmental advocates still have a lot of work cut out for them.

Keep on keeping on!


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