Saturday, February 03, 2007

EAOP Launches "Make Your Vote Count" Radio Show

What are you going to do with your vote in November 2008? Are you going to sit the election out? Are you going to take time to learn about the presidential candidates and make an informed decision? Are you going to roll up your sleeves and actively campaign for the candidate you decide is best for this country?

Well, Antioch University New England’s Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program is proud to launch a special new series of occasional reports on WKNH Keene, 91.3 FM, called “Make Your Vote Count.” In this series, we will take a close look at several of the Presidential hopefuls coming through New Hampshire looking for our votes, our dollars, and our volunteer time. The first installment of the “Make Your Vote Count” series was broadcast live this Saturday afternoon. In this inaugural show, the EAOP offered an in-depth look at the political perspective of six-term Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who is now making his second run for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President.

The show included a taped speech by the Congressman at Jesse Jackson’s Wall Street Project Conference held in New York on January 8, 2007; a commentary from Rahul Mahajan from the Pacifica Radio Network that questions whether political progressives should support Kucinich’s campaign; and a live twenty-minute conversation with Congressman Kucinich about why he thinks his candidacy is the best hope for what he calls the “New American Majority." We then ended the show with a short interview with local Kucinich supporter Bill Beardslee about why he plans to work hard for his candidate this year.

We hope to edit these locally-produced programs in the future and make them available nationally as podcasts on the EAOP's website, as well as uploads to the Pacifica Radio Network's Audioport distribution service for its over 100 affiliates across the country.


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