Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Get Your Power Vote On!

Guest post by Mike Goudzwaard, a MS candidate in the Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program at Antioch University New England. Mike is one of the eight student leaders of Antioch Power Vote:

Like hundreds of student groups across the country, students at Antioch University New England have recently launched a Power Vote effort, part of a non-partisan grassroots campaign working to get one million voters nationwide to pledge to make clean, just energy a top priority in their vote this election. Power Vote is targeting young voters and the "young at heart" to engage in the political process by voting, getting their friends to vote, and asking candidates direct questions about how they will bring about clean, just energy.

During this campaign, on Nov 4th, and throughout the next term, one million Power Voters will demand the following of our candidates and leaders: 1) make clean energy, 2) green jobs, 3) reduction of global warming gasses, 4) end our dependence on dirty energy, 5) reengage as a leader in the international community, and 6) take dirty money out of politics.

Antioch Power Vote's goal is to get at least 60% of all students, faculty, staff, and friends of Antioch New England to take the Power Vote pledge by Nov 4th. This week Antioch President David Caruso and the Antioch Faculty Senate both endorsed the efforts of our student Power Vote group. We are now tabling, doing online organizing, giving class raps, and attending campaign events pushing the Power Vote platform.

Elected officials are often blamed for conforming to public opinion around an election to gain votes, but this is part of our power. When politicians know that one million pledged voters stand together they will know that if they want to get the job, do the job, and keep the job, there will be no other choice than clean, just energy and green jobs now. That pressure holds true for blue, red, and green.

So, what can you do?

1) Pledge online and help Antioch Power Vote by putting "Antioch University New England" in the school field.

2) Share the Power Vote Platform with your friends and have them pledge online.

3) Ask tough questions of candidates, even the one's you don't plan to vote. Make climate protection, green jobs, and clean and safe energy core issues.

4) Remember on Nov 5th the next phase of Power Shift begins. We need to hold all elective leaders accountable to the Power Vote platform--no matter who gets elected.

Questions, comments or a note telling us you've taken the Power Vote pledge can be directed to powervoteane@gmail.com.

Get Your Power Vote On!


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