Monday, August 25, 2008

EAOP Sending Ripples Out Into The World

The first ripple is that EAOP professor Abigail Abrash Walton's article, which was recently published in the journal Environmental Management, is now available online. The piece -- which is based on the talk that Antioch University New England's Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation invited her to present at their 2004 symposium -- is entitled “Conservation through Different Lenses: Reflection, Responsibility, and the Politics of Participation in Conservation Advocacy.” If you want to have a look, you can access the paper here.

Second, we just heard that a piece on faith and climate protection activism that I wrote for this blog has just been picked up and posted on the Jewish Israeli environmental blog called Green Prophet. This short essay was based on my remarks at Antioch's final Focus the Nation event last February. It focuses on emerging Jewish and Christian responses to global climate change.

Third, we are happy to announce that a hour-long interview I gave at a conference this summer at the University of Pittsburgh--Johnstown has just been released by a radio program called Spirit In Action produced by Mark Helpsmeet. The interview is now available online and it is also being distributed through the Pacifica Radio Network. The episode in question is called "Activating the Activists" and it is focused on my own activist history, the spiritual roots of my work, a short history of activist training in the US, the challenge of corporate rule, the need to transform the environmental movement in the 21st century, and lots and lots of information about the EAOP program and the ES Department at Antioch University New England.

Finally, we've posted a piece online from Morey Burnham, the EAOP's Summer 2008 Congressional Progressive Caucus Fellow who is clearly doing good work with US Representative Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ,), who chairs the house subcommittee on national parks, forests, and public lands. (Congressman Grijalva also serves as vice chair of the progressive caucus and heads its environment task force and has been recognized as a leader in environmental conservation by the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife.) To read more about the EAOP's US Congressional Progressive Caucus Fellowship, click here.


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