Saturday, September 08, 2007

YES! Magazine's Challenge to Corporate Power

I've been meaning to make a heartfelt plug for YES! Magazine for some time, but I can't avoid it any longer. First, I want as many people as possible to know about the magazine's Fall 2007 issue on how to "Stand Up to Corporate Power." Second, YES! is offering to provide 50 to 200 copies of "Stand Up to Corporate Power" to activist groups free of charge.

A Brief Introduction to YES!

If you're not already familiar with YES!, let me introduce you: YES! is an ad-free, independent, non-profit magazine with a national readership. The focus of each issue varies - from social justice, to sustainability, peace, economics, etc. - always with an ear to emergent solutions. Where are the possibilities? What's working in communities in this country and around the world that could be enhanced, expanded, or replicated elsewhere? The stories in YES! empower readers with knowledge, creative inspiration, and possibilities for action.

What's In The New Corporations Issue?

The current issue of YES! Magazine, "Stand Up to Corporate Power," takes an in-depth look at the grassroots movements to minimize corporate influence over our daily lives, our communities, our commons, and our democracy. From protecting control over local water sources, to keeping elections clean, activists share their innovative ideas and best practices for lasting change. Some highlights from the issue:
* Michael Marx and Marjorie Kelly, of the Strategic Corporate Initiative, look at the great power struggle of our time -- We the People vs. Corporate Giants -- and what's at stake.

* David Korten asks ... do we live in service to money, or to life? Our answer foretells the kind of world future generations will inherit.

* Doug Pibel shares the inspiring story of community members in Barnstead, New Hampshire who protected their town's water supply from corporate bottlers.

* Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, of Democracy Unlimited, gives a first-hand report of how Humboldt County successfully limited corporate influence over local elections.

* Charlie Grey on other citizen-led efforts to create truly democratic, corporate-free elections.

* Gar Alperovitz, Steve Dubb and Ted Howard look at "7 Cool Companies" that are changing the way we think about business.

The Free Copies Offer

Besides providing most of the articles from the Corporations issue on their website, YES! is able to send 50-200 free copies for you to distribute at events, to your membership, in mailings, etc. This opportunity is free of charge. Here's what they need from you:
* Shipping contact including name, phone, email and street address. They'll ship by UPS or FedEx Ground, neither of which can use P.O. Boxes.

* Quantity to ship, in multiples of 50; they're packaged 50 to a box.

* A quick description of how they'll be used or to whom they're being distributed.

* There are no charges involved with this offer unless expedited or international shipping is required.
If you would like to take YES!up on their offer, please send the above information to Susan Gleason, Media & Outreach Manager (cc'd here), and she'll ship the magazines out right away: or call 206-842-5009 x217.

Please help spread the word about Yes! and their new issue, "Stand Up to Corporate Power." It is a great movement-building tool!


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